Buatong Waterfall

…also know as Sticky Waterfall.

This morning, all of us (American students and our Thai roommates) road in the red trucks for 1.5 hours up to Buatong National Park. At the park is the Sticky Waterfall. It is called this because, over the years, the minerals in the water has created some traction on the rocks. The easy way to say this is that the rocks are limestone.


This place was beautiful! Just look:


Although, this place was a bit scary. As Stan from American Dad once said, I frequently lose my equilibrium. Put bluntly, I have horrible balance. In order to get down the waterfall, I had to hold a rope and scale down the rocks. This is quite hard, considering at times it can be very slippery.

Nick scaling down the falls

That guy up there, that’s Nick. And without his help, I probably would have smashed my face so many times.

After climbing down the falls, we wound up here:


But this was just the beginning. Nick and I followed the advice of a local and discovered a hidden waterhole within the trees. It was about 50 meters from this spot. At the waterhole, there were three Thai kids climbing up trees and jumping into the water.


This was seriously the best part of the experience. Well, that seems unfair to say because the entire experience was amazing, but it was cool to find this secret spot because we both felt pretty adventurous.

* * *

In Thailand, things are mostly go with the flow. This also includes time. In the United States, if you’re not five minutes early, you’re late. Here, it’s much more relaxed. So, we were supposed to meet up to leave at 4:30. Then it changed to 3. Then it became 2:30, but Nick and I didn’t know this because we were at this waterhole. So basically, we were almost left behind. Thankfully not, but that was pretty funny anyways.


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