First Day in Chiang Mai

This morning I woke up in Bangkok. I watched the sunrise from the hotel window. After having fried rice and eggs for breakfast, my traveling companion and I met with another student from the TEAN program and we took a taxi to DMK airport. At DMK, we boarded our flight for Chiang Mai.

Sunrise in Bangkok
Sunrise in Bangkok

Once we got to Chiang Mai, we met a couple other people and were driven to our accommodations; the place is called UniLoft (I would parallel this with the Vue in Tempe, expect UniLoft is cooler because it’s in Thailand). On the way, we were told we’d be meeting our Thai roommates upon arrival. Of course I was excited, but after traveling for two days, I kind of felt not-so-social and wanted to lay down. However, once we pulled up, our roommates ran out of UniLoft to greet us. The very first girl was holding a colorful sign she made and as I looked closer, I could make out my name. She was so excited and her energy just bounced right over to me, so I ran up to her and gave her a hug. Her name is Sky and she’s very, very nice and friendly. I’m so happy she’s my roommate. Most importantly, she loves cats as much as I do … =^.^=

Sky helped me check in, then we went up to our room. She gave me a very quick tour and helped me set up my bed and et cetera. After about an hour, two of Sky’s friends and another TEAN member joined us to go buy a few items at Tesco Lotus. Tesco Lotus is a giant grocery store, kind of like a Super Target. After we were finished at the store, we headed back to Uniloft.

Just an hour later, all the TEAN members met in the front office and loaded into two trucks headed for Little Lanna, a restaurant that serves Northern Thai food. First, let me just say Thai food is delicious. Second, my stomach is so confused on what it’s digesting right now.

~ So that was my first day in Chiang Mai. It was a really long day, but also a very fun day. I’m anxious to see what else this city has in store for me, but still, I am nervous. Bye now!


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