The Unexpected

In less than two days I’m leaving the United States to travel to Thailand. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time.

My excitement centers around specific situations and circumstances: experiencing a different culture, meeting new people, interacting with elephants, exploring Buddhist temples. Besides all that, I know there’s much more waiting in Thailand for me to encounter.

Although, it’s only natural I feel some anxiety about visiting a foreign country. I figure most of the anxiety comes from the unexpected: What if flying overseas is too freaky to handle? What if I miss my family and friends (felines included) too much to cope? What if the language barrier is too frustrating to communicate effectively? The list could go on…

My creative mind is a blessing and a curse. While I can think up innovative ideas and make abstract connections, I can also create the scariest scenarios in my head (you know, the “what ifs”). So, I’m changing those “what ifs” to positive ones: What if I had an amazing time? What if I made new friends that would last a lifetime? What if I learned something new about myself? What if I was about to embark on a life-changing experience? I like those “what ifs” better.

The fact of the matter is that life is full of the unexpected. In order for any of us to grow, we have to leave our comfort zones to experience and learn new things. Part of that deal is encountering unfamiliar situations. How else would we discover what we like or what we are capable of?

While I’d love to continue reflecting on the meaning of life, I really need to get back to packing. See you in Thailand!


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