May 29th.

That’s the day I travel across the Pacific Ocean to the Eastern side of the globe. In less than two weeks, I’ll be an international student studying in Northern Thailand for an entire month.

Here’s 8 items that I’m looking forward to:

  1. Experiencing a culture that is completely opposite of my own.
  2. Understanding and experiencing Buddhism.
  3. Exploring beautiful, tranquil landscapes.
  4. Interacting with elephants.
  5. Being an international student.
  6. Meeting new people and making new friends.
  7. Taking on the challenge of living in a foreign country.
  8. Learning about myself in the process of this adventure.

Here’s 8 items that don’t quite fit into the latter:

  1. Encountering Asian-style toilets.
  2. Being away from my family, friends, and my two feline companions.
  3. Travel time from the United States to Thailand, plus the respective jet lag.
  4. No cell phone reception.
  5. The stigma that comes with being an American in a foreign country.
  6. Miscommunication because of the language barrier.
  7. Humid weather.
  8. Unfamiliar surroundings.

Overall, I’m very excited for this crazy journey to begin. I still can’t believe I’m going to be waking up in Thailand by the end of this month. Mostly, though, I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m going to make the most out of it.


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